GREEFA measuring systems

Our measuring systems detemine the (quality) characteristics of your fruit. This can be done during construction of the installation or added on at a later date. In this way you can always update your grader with the latest standards in your branch.

External quality (iQS)

Determination external quality with high resolution cameras
Greefa iQS4

External quality with UV-light (iPIX)

Detection progressive mold on citrus with 'black light'
Greefa iPIX

Size and long/short sorting

Size measuring of fruits
Greefa Maatbepaling


3-point weighing system in transfer unit or in fruit carrier
Greefa gewicht

Internal quality (iFA)

Determination internal brown and brix value
Greefa iFA

Relative weight

Volume/weight determination and removing spongy citrus fruit
Greefa soortelijk gewicht


Measuring colour value with special colour cameras
Greefa kleur


Software program determination curvature oblong-shaped fruits
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