Speed comes in a smart package – meet GREEFA’s SmartPackr™ 

At this year’s Fruit Logistica, the innovative Dutch-based fruit-sorting market leader GREEFA has released a groundbreaking intelligent packing concept: SmartPackr™ . This packing robot is the company’s next-generation packing talent – whose name is no exaggeration. It’s pretty brainy… 

With its impressive speed and accuracy, it fills trays and open top boxes at the rate of starting at one fruit per second. All with supreme reliability within a package of mechanical and tireless enthusiasm. Much like GREEFA itself – a company that, despite its reputation for being friendly and human, is perceived by clients as equally uncompromising when it comes to efficiency."Such performance isn’t achieved by sheer speed alone,” says Dick Verkade (Manager Marketing & Sales). "It hinges on intelligent handling through innovative yet matured in-house technology; this guarantees unequaled fruit-friendliness, and even lets you choose the exact fruit position – blush-side-up, for example.

Fruit- and user-friendly

Although product handling is a GREEFA’s priority, ease of use is certainly not overlooked."After all, the SmartPackr™ may be intelligent, but it still needs instructions,” adds Dick Verkade. "These are intuitively given on its user-friendly touch screen, which allows you to control the robot, adapt settings like speed and capacity.”The operator’s ability to rotate the touch screen around the packing robot underlines GREEFA’s dedicated ergonomic design approach – which also allows for seamless modular expansion.Combined with GREEFA’s in-house developed measuring system for external quality detection (iQS) and a final scan for color, the SmartPackr™ robot represents the most accurate, yet efficient and user-friendly fruit-packing option currently available.   


While innovating, developing and building high-value fruit sorting and packing solutions since 1940, GREEFA has grown from a modest family business to a world market leader. Its relevant installations, frame apparatus, measuring systems and software are all developed in-house – to protect and warrant the quality they represent.  

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