The basis for GREEFA was laid in May 1940. For the first 10 years it was primarily a carpentry and cartwright's workshop.

In 1952 the brothers Jacob and Anton de Greef were gripped by a challenge that never released its hold. Was there a faster and more efficient way to grade fruit than by hand?

Their grading installation ‘The Top’ was the first in a long line of steadily improved and more efficient successors. Their clientele also grew rapidly and with it, the number of solutions and possibilities in grading.

Vision and current position

GREEFA is market leader in grading technology. The high quality grading installations that we develop and produce are sent all over the world.

Our installations have been developed to cover a wide range of sorting processes. That is why we use the modular system. This means that any grading installation can be modified at a later date to keep pace with the growth of your company or with new insights in grading.


At GREEFA the installations, the modules and the special software are all developed in-house, making us unique. 25 percent of our employees are working on the R&D department. Our people are constantly working on the further development of new solutions and technologies.

Market demand determines the development of our grading installations. We keep in close contact with producers as well as their customers.